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Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Poc

It is the transition from the liquid state to the solid state (crystallization) which releases heat during its transformation. Depending on the volume of the Hot Poc, this varies  between 30 and 60 minutes. Click here to learn more.

  1. Click on the metal disc to activate the heat

  2. Enjoy the heat for 30 to 60 minutes

  3. Boil 5 minutes or until the liquid becomes transparent again

  4. Reuse up to 100 times!

  • Do not put in the microwave;

  • Do not cook in a pot without water;

  • Do not use when damaged;

  • Do not position near a sharp object;

  • Keep away from children and animals;

  • Do not eat;

  • And the list goes on. Please use your common sense.

Keep your reusable hand warmers in the original metal case or any other small protective container. 

No! They are identical and have the same function. It is only the graphic design that varies.

We designed two different formats to suit your different activities and needs. Our smallest format, the Regular Hot Poc, diffuses heat for an average of 30 minutes. Our XL Hot Poc lasts ABOUT 60 minutes. Whichever format you choose, it will definitely save you from taking a break in the chalet to warm up. In other words, you can enjoy the outdoors, without sacrificing your comfort. Please note that we are constantly improving our product in order to prolong the duration of the heat.

The Regular Hot Poc pouch is approximately 8 x 9 cm and weighs 60 g, while the XL Hot Poc is approximately 10 x 15 cm, weighing in at 230 g. The regular format is therefore designed to fit into our mittens, our boots and our skates! Obviously, if your boots are very tight, it won’t fit.

When it comes to the Hot Poc XL, it will not fit in your skates (unless you have inherited those from your big brother).

The temperature varies between 50 and 57 ° C. The product is therefore warm enough to provide the necessary comfort. It has very low risks associated with burns. The two places to avoid putting it are directly on your skin of your face and of your neck.

Please avoid placing the Hot Poc on a baby, as its skin is much more sensitive.

The reusable hand warmer can last up to 100 uses. As you approach the end of its life, you will notice that it will be more difficult to boil and return it to a liquid state. At this stage, it will need to be replaced with a new Hot Poc.

Since the process is triggered by a simple disturbance of the molecules, it can start by itself. For this reason, we strongly recommended to keep your Hot Poc pouches in a small protective container.

The materials are very simple: flexible PVC filled with water and sodium.

Sustainability & Innovation

Hot Poc is committed to sourcing environmentally friendly materials, offsetting its carbon footprint and protecting the environment. We pledge to donate 1% of our annual income to organizations that share our mission and values. Click here to learn more.

When the Hot Poc reaches the end of its life cycle, we highly recommend to cut open the pouch and empty the liquid in a sink. As the liquid of a combination of salt and water, it will not harm the environment. As for the plastic pouch, it will unfortunately have to be discarded. Please note, however, that we are working to improve this aspect and that it is part of our development priorities.

Hot Poc uses a technology that is used in other industries such as military and health. We simply adapted the product to use it outdoors. This allows us to reduce our ecological footprint in order to continue skiing for the years to come.

Delivery, Stores & Payment

Our team is committed to processing each order within 5 working days. Everything is then shipped by a carrier which takes between 1 and 3 days.

You can purchase Hot Pocs from the following retailers:

  • illusion sports – Sherbrooke
  • illusion sports – Magog
  • Tuques et bicycle expériences – Québec
  • Sports Experts – Magog 
  • Sports Experts – Cowansville
  • Planète cycle et ski – Magog
  • Bobine et Tricotine – Montréal 
  • Le Pionnier Boutique Plein air – La Tuque 
  • L’Odika – Drummondville
  • La Grange, épicerie en vrac – Victoriaville
  • VÄXA centres ressources – Saint-Hyacinthe 
  • Amarante – Témiscouate-sur-le-Lac
  • Auberge Canine Amis-Pattes – St-Aimé
  • Sports DRC – Alma
  • Chic-Chac – Murdochville
  • Skookum Cycle and Ski – Revelstoke
  • Revelstoke Mountain Resort – Revelstoke
  • The Nook Refillery – Squamish 
  • ProÉcolo – Candiac

Hot Pocs can be purchased online or at the retailers mentioned above.

Online payments via Paypal or credit card are accepted.

We guarantee customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us within 14 days and we will exchange it or refund your money. Please note that the shipping costs for returning the item(s) are at the customer’s expense. 

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