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It all started with a trip in the Canadian mountains.

On a particularly cold day, in the heart of the mountains of Western Canada, a group of friends were frustrated that their smartphones would shutdown due to the cold weather.

From drained smartphones to frozen hands.

Motivated by the desire to keep their phones alive during the cold weather, they embarked on a journey to design a “sleeping bag” for their phones. After much feedback and several rounds of prototypes, they quickly realized that the needs were not limited to cellphones. This is how the idea of ​​finding an alternative to the famous disposable hand warmers, which are extremely harmful to the environment, became a priority.
Fun fact: that little human dot is Sabrina Hemond during her 5-month trip in the Rockies. Her frozen phone and stone-cold hands would inspire her to create what is now known as "Hot Poc".
Sabrina Hemond proudly showcasing her Hot Pocs to La Tribune, a local newspaper. Like many other startups, the company is headquartered in her garage.

Nature is our playground. Not a landfill.

As adventurers, we dream of powder days and breathtaking views on mountain summits. In order to enjoy the earth’s gifts, we must do so with a sustainable mindset. In fact, we believe it is our responsibility to leave our playground the way we found it, clean and ready for others to enjoy. With this in mind, we are committed to sourcing environmentally friendly materials, offsetting our carbon footprint and acting as advocates for the environment.

Giving back to the community.

Hot Poc is committed to donating 1% of its annual income to organizations that share its mission and values.

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