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Affiliate Program

Drive traffic to our website and earn money for the sales you generate.

10% Commission on every sale you make

Cookie duration : 30 days

How does it work?

You’re helping Hot Poc reach a wider audience and making a good impression on people who visit your platform (website or social media).

  1. Apply to AvantLink, our affiliate marketing partner.
  2. Complete the application to join the Hot Poc program.
  3. After approval, talk about our products and brand on your website, social media or other influencer platforms you own.
  4. Send potential customers to the Hot Poc website with your personalized link.
  5. Track your clicks and sales in your AvantLink account.
  6. Receive your commission.

Who are we looking for?

Hot Poc wants to partner with individuals and organizations who share our interest for outdoor adventures and our eco-conscious values.

Our products are perfect for staying warm during outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, surfing, fishing or any other hobby where you might get cold. They are also suitable for people with physical limitations such as muscle pain, menstrual cramps or Raynaud’s syndrome (poor blood circulation).

If you think you can represent the brand in an interesting way, don’t hesitate to join the network. We look forward to working with you!

More benefits :

  • Automated clicks and sales tracking on AvantLink
  • Monthly payment of commissions
  • Eco-conscious products
  • Seasonal promotions and offers
  • Dedicated resource for the program
  • Known brand across Canada

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