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Crowdfunding campaign

Promoting circular economy with old coats.

The campaign is over!

Thank you note

Our crowdfunding campaign ended as of December 6, 2021. Thanks to you, Hot Poc reached 103% of its $50,000 goal. More precisely, $51,855 was raised to contribute to our cause.

This amount will allow us to set up a brand new process for reusing end-of-life coats. Furthermore, it is important to thank our partners, Estrie Aide and Récupex, who are helping us give a second life to coats headed for the landfill site. The 88 Queen St workshop and its designers, on the other hand, are responsible for turning materials into cell phone sleeping bags. Each Hot Poc Sleeper made is one of a kind.

The entire team at Hot Poc thanks you warmly for your donations, contributions, social media shares, and encouragement.

Our project

Our crowdfunding campaign was carried out in partnership with La Ruche: An NPO specializing in crowdfunding.

The goal was to raise $50,000 to set up a brand new manufacturing process for our famous Sleeper.

The process will give a second life to used coats by transforming them into sleeping bags for your cell phone and prevent it from freezing to death this winter. Each recovered coat will create a dozen Sleepers.

Here are some prototypes of Sleepers made from old coats that were going to the trash.

Giveaway and partners!

A gift basket for a giveaway was made possible thanks to several incredible companies from here! Thanks to them, we were able to raise extra money for the cause.

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