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Fall 2022 team

The humans behind Hot Poc

A team of passionate, creative and motivated people who work hard to offer you the best experience possible. Our desire to perform and evolve together helps propel the company to greater heights.

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Sabrina Hémond

President and founder

  • Love to “slash pow”.
  • Founded the company because she sucks at orienteering and her cellphone was always dying.
  • Loves to surf, even if she doesn’t have the best style.
  • Lives in the woods with her squirrel friends.
  • Always over motivated and over ambitious (is there such a thing as too ambitious though?).

Mathieu Giguère

Managing Director

  • Loves philosophical discussions and telling dad jokes.
  • Many years of experience (of wisdom) in various renowned companies across the country.
  • Always there to give us tips and tricks of the trade.
  • A movie fanatic, don’t be surprised to see him with his popcorn at a theater near you.
  • A true city boy, don’t think about taking him camping.

Marie-Eve Jacques

Director of Operations and Accounting

  • Considers herself a professional in the organization of events, but also in organization in general.
  • Retired from competitive sports such as soccer and track and field, but still known for her speed and perseverance.
  • Always up for a little beer after work!
  • Swears by the music of Kygo.

Véronique Bibeau

Account Manager

  • Gentle and caring, you want Véronique on your team. She’s always there to help.
  • A fan of the quiet woods, she always surprises us with her hunting stories.
  • She has a weakness for crowds when it comes to electronic music festivals.
  • She loves to travel, but hates airplanes… a bit of a contradiction!
  • The youngest of the team, but the official mom of the group. Always well organized!

Our interns

Winter 2023


Meagan Lemay-Marleau

– Digital creations –


Simone Bellay

– Events and customer service –


Marianne Deschamps

– Community Management –



Keven Boisvert

– B2B Sales Specialist –


Véronique Bibeau

– B2B Sales Specialist –

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