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You’re a fan of the show Dragon’s Den? Here’s a giveaway you don’t want to miss!

6 innovative companies that appeared on Dragon’s Den have collaborated to create this amazing giveaway for a total value of $1 000.


Hot Poc : Reusable hand warmers
– 250$ worth of products

Foli : Plants delivered right to your door
– 150$ Gift card

Heali : Therapeutic kinesiology tapes
– 5 rolls of Heali tape

Sweetapolita : Premium quality bakery decorations
– 200$ worth of products

Mossify : Bendable plant supports
– 100$ worth of products

The Scented Market : Eco-friendly self-care products
– 150$ worth of products

Sign up for the contest!!

*By clicking on “Enter giveaway”, you confirm that you have read the contest rules. You also agree to receive communications from the participating companies: Hot Poc, Sweetapolita, Mossify, Foli, Heali and The Scented Market.

This contest is possible, all thanks to these 6 companies : Hot Poc, Sweetapolita, Mossify, Foli, Heali and The scented Market.

Contest rules :

To be qualified to win, the participant must be at least 18 years old and live in Canada. To be eligible, the participant must have provided his name, last name and e-mail through the online registration form and must accept to receive communications from the collaborators of the contest: Hot Poc, Sweetapolita, Heali, Foli, Mossify and The Scented Market. Registration to the contest starts March 15, 2023 at 00h01 and close on March 22nd, 2023 at 11h59 (Eastern time). 

Those who enter the contest will have the chance to win the following set of prizes:

  • A gift card of $150 from Foli 
  • 5 rolls of Heali tape
  • Sweetapolita: Two-tiered Sprinkle Sampler Box, Classic Pink Sweetapolita Spirit Jersey, Sprinkles Surprise Bag Large | Everyday Edition, Mystery selection of best-selling sprinkles
  • Plant’s accessories from Mossify: 42″ Bendable Coir Pole, 16″ Bendable Moss Pole, “Give Love” Metal Trellis 
  • A gift card of $150 from The Scented Market
  • 250$ of Hot Poc: a case of 4 regular Hot Poc, a case (2 regular and XL), 1 Hot Poc sleeper original, 1 Hot Poc sleeper Eco, 2 beanie and 1 cap

The winner will be drawn among the participants who filled the online registration form on this page ;

The winner will be emailed by the company Hot Poc in the days following the end of the giveaway (March 22nd, 2023) as soon as the random draw is done;

The winner will have 48 hours after e-mail reception to confirm with Hot Poc that he/she accept the prize, otherwise, another winner will be designated by drawing lots;

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