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Sleeper Collab – POW x Hot Poc

40.00 $ CAD

Sleeper Collab – Protect Our Winters (POW) x Hot Poc

100% of the profits from the sale of these shirts are donated to Protect Our Winters Canada. POW is an organization that strives to turn outdoor enthusiasts into climate advocates so we can still enjoy our winters for decades to come.

  • The cell phone sleeping bag that extends the life of your cell phone battery up to 3 times.
  • The set includes a Hot Poc Sleeper and a regular Hot Poc.
  • Each Sleeper is unique and handmade from reused winter coats.
  • Your order will be partly a surprise. All Sleepers have a dark color shade, but we cannot guarantee which dark shade you will receive.

    *See below for product specifications.

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*As each Sleeper is unique, the information below is approximate and actual features may differ from the original Sleeper model.

For more details on the design process, you can consult our crowdfunding campaign page. It is thanks to this campaign and to the support of several entities that our product now exists.

Approximate dimensions: 12 x 20 cm
Inside pocket with Hot Poc
Elastic cord 3 mm with black metal carabiner
Can accommodate “standard” size phones like the iPhone 14 or smaller ones.


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